VoIP calls to UK from India

The advent of e-commerce has established a network of international customers for many businesses. As a matter of fact, even small scale businesses have realized a vantage point of building an international customer base provided their online presence is top-notch.

The problem with this adept digital maneuver in business management is maintaining a reliable connection with customers abroad and locally at long distances. It is irrefutable that most business organizations would regularly encounter system delays and collapse that interrupt connection with customers abroad. The resultant effect is a reduced network of international customers and a high-cost budget in re-establishing the connection.

Business organizations in India with UK ties have been battling this connection problem until VoIP services introduced the best reliable solution. With our VoIP services installed in your system, you have the opportunity to engage your customers at any time by subscribing to an unlimited India to UK calling plan. We have different calling plans that are technologically advanced in design to offset the unreliable and expensive copper cable-based telephone network services.

Service plans to enhanced India to UK connection with customers.

Every service plan has subscription packages at a cost depending on the services you would prefer to enjoy in your business.

Entry VoIP Office plan: This plan comes with three packages at a budget of £ 15.95 monthly subscription. The packages include:

Inclusive UK Outbound: It enables you to make India to UK callings from home and at the workplace regardless of the time with min charges and surges.

Conference Bridge: It is a feature that makes it possible to hold a conference by allowing multiple participants in one VoIP phone line. It allows up to 200 participants with efficient sound quality.

Standard Call Reporting: The feature is integral in managing the business through a phone system by giving standard reports to measure productivity.

Standard VoIP Office

The budget for this plan is slightly higher than the previous one because of the extra packages it offers. You can access it at a monthly subscription fee of £ 20.95 with one unique package to explore apart from the obvious three in the previous plan. It enables the diversion of calls to another gadget at no cost whenever the primary calling device is out of reach.

Enhanced VoIP office

This is the most popular plan that goes for £ 25.95 with seven packages that makes your connections even more efficient. It comes with additional Call recording, Outlook integration, and Business SMS.

Professional VoIP Office

Most large business organizations prefer this plan due to the extra service packages that accompany its affordable £ 30.95 monthly subscription budget. It has all the services you can enjoy in a VoIP network service.