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Integrating With
The Most Widely Used Cloud-Based Applications

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Seamlessly mesh your customer info with other Microsoft software. Save and Secure new incoming call records with ease and build accountability. Bringing you powerful enterprise-class communications to Microsoft users.

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Sales Force Integration

Seamless integration between your phone system and Salesforce.

Be productive and Save more time using the Screen pops. Log incoming and outgoing calls automatically and create cases and contacts. View User activity report in real-time by capturing the call notes.

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vtiger Integration

Strong and Customizable CRM for marketing, sales and service teams. Boost your revenue by hindering the ability of your team with data and interactions collaboration.

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ZOHO Integration

Supports you and help you to become smart and better

Close the deal when the deal is on you. Its all about the time and flawless connectivity that matters in order to gain better prospects.

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SUGARCRM Integration

Enjoy industry-leading customer experience with a simple UI and Customization.

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Zendesk Integration

Integrate great overall customer experience into your communications.

Shave seconds off every interaction with automation and real-time response. Make or receive calls through phone system, directly from your account within Zendesk.

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Bullhorn Integration

Manage your current and future clients with ease and streamline the customer relationship with best communication system and CRM to leverage the visibility and to streamline the sales engagement for your business.

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JobDiva Integration

Boosts the flow in a right way between the recruitment team and office divisions

Track the sales people interactions and get to know the plus and minuses of the communication to improvise your effort and productivity. Leverage the customer experiences and expectations and meet them accordingly to level up your business with seamless communication system from VoIP Office.

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CEIPAL Integration

Manage Client Contacts & Leads

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pipedrive Integration

A sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output

Helps small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.

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