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 VoIP Phone Service Vs Regular Phone Service

Be it a small business or a large business it is the best communication that equips you to corner the market and to have an edge on your competitors. A smart business has to update itself with the rapidly advancing technology and it is time you switch over from the traditional Landline Phone Services to the latest and the most efficient VoIP Phone Systems.

Striking the balance between the low price services and high-quality communication is like a tricky feat to deal with. We have penned some main difference between the Hosted VoIP Systems and Landline in detail targeting Triple C’s Cost, Convenience & Customization to choose your Business Phone Systems.

The Basic Difference

Landline commonly referred to as the Telephone uses the twisted pair copper wire, plugs, and solid core, and thus calls for more maintenance.

VoIP Phone Service

Voice over Internet Protocol is a communication technology that allows calls over the internet. They convert calls into digital signals within the phone. Hence is MAINTENANCE FREE.

Why VoIP is the Backbone to your success – VoIP vs. Regular Phone System

The main difference between the VoIP and Traditional Phone Systems is the Cost. VoIP is cheaper than the Traditional phone system, and of course, it depends on the utility. When a call is made through the Regular Phone Systems, the circuits in that location get opened to the other person and the entire circuit will be open during the call which is a reason why long distance calls are expensive.

With VoIP, The voice gets converted into the data packs and sent to the destination. They can also take different routes and assemble back to order and get converted as a voice at another end. Hence there will be no infrastructure cost to establish VoIP Connections and the only mandatory thing is uninterrupted Internet connectivity.


A click to call room through your soft phone is always more convenient than calling from a fixed location. VoIP is the most convenient communication solution. It enables the utilization of the phone calls through any internet connection from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. The VoIP technology facilitates the users to access the email, Phone, Conference Bridge Services, the internet, and video application, etc., at a time.

When it comes to billing, the VoIP billing will remain the same every month and you can also know what exactly you can expect as everything will be updated in digital forms. As the bill is predictable and super easy to estimate, VoIP can be claimed as an Affordable Phone Systems. Whereas, the landline bills are unpredictable as it depends on the total calls including location and time factors. Sometimes, when the caller ID, call waiting is added the bills get doubled for sure.


Customization is what every business looks for because no one wants to pay for what they don’t need.

VoIP Service Providers offer a variety of options to CUSTOMIZE the subscriptions, where you can choose the services your businesses need. By using VoIP, you can record your voice and e-mail when you aren’t available; your calls will automatically get directed to your phone at a fixed hour.

Whereas, a landline phone system, offers low bandwidth and no mobile capabilities which is a big disadvantage for today’s cut-throat competition. There will be no further options for add-ons or customizations like VoIP have.


We recommend a VoIP Phone System to take your business to the next level with a future proof communication solution. If you are thinking about swapping to VoIP Phone Service and looking for VoIP Service Providers, we have a variety of packages and VoIP Solutions for your Business. Just connect with the VoIP office and switch to the Best Plan.

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