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VoIP Office Celebrates 15th Anniversary

VoIP Office is a Leading Provider of a Cloud-based communication system is proudly celebrating its 15th Anniversary. VoIP Office has grown rapidly since its inception in 2004, establishing itself as a global presence and worldwide leader in the telecommunications industry.

VoIP Office offers all the features of your traditional PBX along with the latest functionality enabled by the use of VoIP technology. VoIP Office can be easily integrated with your business applications, connecting your desktop and your office into one interconnected system.

Sunny Reddy, CEO of VoIP Office

"With an impeccable vision for the future of the telecommunication industry, with a focus on customer success, VoIP Office has been helping companies deliver innovative business solutions for 15 years. We have got a long way to go, we have got a lot to do. We look forward to being a major role in the VoIP market for the next decade to come."

About VoIP Office

VoIP Office was established in 2004 to provide Cloud-based communication services with smart features to various types of businesses. VoIP Office has helped the business to move to the next level with ease and excellent communications. VoIP Office's customized service and flexibility has enabled the company to rapidly expand and there has been no looking back. VoIP Office has established its offices in four locations in India and has branches in the U.S.A also. Thus, VoIP has redefined business communications by embracing new technologies and has enhanced business communications.

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