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Top Most Features in VoIP Office
Free Conference Bridge
  • It can allow up to 15 participants per call
  • Feature packed Conference Bridge
  • Fully secured with Password protection
  • Call Recording the conference
Flexible Mobile App

The mobile application for VoIP system seamlessly integrates with the top business Polycom phone models and provides flexibility especially if you have a moving sales team or managers. It is absolute works like a desktop version, where you can do the following:

  • Access to Conference Bridge
  • Missed calls check
  • Listen to voicemails
  • Make calls and receive calls on your office number.
  • Intercom calls with coworkers
  • Call Monitoring for live calls
  • Real Presence of the employee Directory
  • Dashboard for Call logs
  • Callkit with Mobile
  • Manage Profile

It instantly connects all employees wherever they are. The mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and controls all calls that are supported on the desktop version.

CRM Integration

As businesses are migrated to cloud-based platforms, platforms like Microsoft 365, Salesforce and others become popular. This feature is very helpful to the employees whose job duty is to make multiple calls especially as a part of the sales strategy. The CRM integration saves a lot of time with its impeccable features that include click-to-dial capability, call recordings, and inbound call logs into the platform and much more.

By using this feature, there are several layers of integration that plays a crucial role in understanding the VoIP phone services and what exactly it offers for your business to meet your needs. Service-based businesses take this service as a priority if the response time matters the most. It helps the sales team to get back to their clients on time and can provide the best service.

Auto call attendant

Auto call attendant is a very helpful and time-saving feature, especially when taking the reception calls. The auto call attendant is designed to:

  • Warm greet to Callers
  • Delivers important information
  • Forwards calls to the relevant extension
  • Eliminates human errors
Find and Follow Me

The Find and follow option allows users to place or receive the call on multiple devices while working on the same phone number.

Voicemail transcription

Analyzes and Transcripts the voice mails that are received on the phone number.

Call at just one click

This feature enables the embedding of simple ‘Call us now' button on the business website or in the mobile app. The users can simply connect to the representative by clicking on this button.

IVR at Multi-Level
Flexible phone menu for the entire company
  • The company can extend the auto-receptionist ability with the Dial-by-name directory, Voice mail, System extensions or on external phone numbers.
  • Simplifies the management of routing for multiple locations through cloud-based services.
  • Meet the business needs with about 250 voice menus and submenus per account.
  • Access to separate IVR menus for multiple locations
  • Addition of Direct number for each IVR menu that is independent of the main contact number of the company.
Simplification of Complex systems setup and management
  • An intuitive graphic editor helps in configuring and managing the phone tree menus
  • Easy customization of inbound call routing and prompts.
  • Bulk configuration with XML import and export with efficient deployment.
  • Flexibility in Creation of professional IVR prompts
  • Quick identification and validation of the configuration errors.
Plug and Page
Stay connected with your colleagues in real-time
  • Just turn on the VoIP to go with the one-way announcement from the desk or mobile with ease.
  • No integration or configuration required.
  • Compatible with SIP devices and no hidden expenses for installation of additional converters
  • Create, modify or add pages anytime from anywhere.
Cloud call Parking
Park in Cloud
  • You can park up to 50 calls at the maximum that included both inbound and outbound calls
  • Hit the Call Park Softkey on your desk phone and pass along the parked location to the colleagues
  • Which can be activated through an active call from VoIP Office for Desktop or mobile app.
  • Unanswered calls ring back feature after five minutes to ensure callers well attended.
Enhance Security in the private parking locations
  • Allows creation of private park location that provides visibility to the users of the same group to park and pick up the calls. Parked call in the cloud can be allowed for only authorized users
  • Private location parked calls can be answered directly from desktop or VoIP Office from the group users.
Remote location call parking access
  • By using the few touch tone commands from the smartphone of VoIP desktop, you can park important calls when you are away from the office.
  • The call routing/forwarding rules enable the call park feature and give you better support while traveling.
Call forwarding to India for Free
  • Access Business communication across devices from any location at any time using the automatic call forwarding feature to any phone number which ensures your calls always get answered.
  • Simultaneous and frequent call forwarding feature to any extension.
  • Allows Call forwarding to multiple numbers by specifying new during forwarding.
  • Easy to forward calls basing on Caller ID with complete call information that ensures priority and quick routing to the right person or department.
Recording Calls
Simple Set up
  • Multiple automatic recordings with few clicks
  • Automatic recording setup for inbound calls to concerned departments
  • Quick selection of recording incoming and outgoing calls
Download and play recordings any time
  • Can save up to 100,000 recordings per account
  • Access recordings up to 90 days
  • Easy Review and download the recordings
Announcements for inbound and outbound
  • Default or customized announcements for all calls
  • Lawful recordings with the caller's consent by giving announcement before recording.
  • Automatic emails to all parties for auto call recordings
Great choice
  • After enabling automatic call recording, users can choose specific calls for recording
  • Record from any device at any time
Full control on Caller ID
Identification of calls to VoIP Office numbers
  • The information of the Caller ID can be displayed on VoIP Office connected devices
  • Enables to access the information of caller that matches a contact in the account that allows better service.
  • Check and view Caller ID information from all call types at one click
  • Reach important contacts in a quick way.
  • Customize the call handling and manage calls from new prospects by screening unknown calls.
Outbound Caller ID control
  • Selection of Caller ID that is supposed to display on recipients Caller ID from the list
  • Allows you to choose outbound caller ID information for your Company or for entire departments.
  • Using VoIP Office to make calls when using outside the VoIP Office systems
  • Admins are allowed to edit the Company’s caller ID name
Fax integration
Never miss the FAX
  • Avoid the Expensive Hardware and Dedicated phone lines
  • The incoming fax can be managed online serve to receive important messages.
  • During fax receiving and transmission, your sender will not get a busy signal.
  • Send or receive fax using toll-free or local number across the globe.
Send fax from different devices and sources with ease
  • Send a fax directly to email, attach files, cover letter online
  • Send files from your computer or from the cloud with ease.
  • Utilize VoIP Office Apps to send a fax from your mobile or PC
Completely secure and controlled
  • Preview the Fax design and customized cover sheets from computer
  • Secure fax transmission using an encrypted internet connection
  • Storage of incoming fax with online password protection
  • Fax to groups, Blocking, Specifying different emails and text values for each notification type and much more.
  • Connect with an existing fax machine to VoIP Office using Analog adapter.
Access fax from any VoIP Office Number
  • Each and every extension can receive the fax and voice calls with no separate fax number
  • Fax messages will not get interrupted while you are on call
  • Storage of messages in a secure way and get an email whenever the fax is received.
Hold messages
Specific targeting of messages and music
  • Play music and messages basing on time, day and Caller ID data
  • Enhance User experience with optimized devices
  • Customize the extension with a specific selection of music and messages.
Retain callers by holding with music
  • Reassuring the voice updates and customization of messaged with music hold at timely intervals
  • Using the default voice prompts in an easy and quick way and then allows the recording of custom messages to encourage the callers to stay on hold.
Direct Dialing inward

The Direct dialing inward offers an allocation of a wide range of phone numbers that are associated with one or more lines using the customer's PBX system. It allows the company to assign personal numbers to each employee without the need for a separate phone line to connect the PBX and hence the telephonic traffic get split-up and managed more efficiently.

Improving the Call Queue

VoIP applications provide the call queue when there is a need of receiving the huge number of calls for a certain peak period or peak hours when the business is overwhelmed with the calls and can get managed in a waiting room. The operators can set up announcements for informing the callers with some answers to their questions or queries and can provide the estimated wait time.

Integration of Outlook
A Complete cloud-based Communication hub for business
  • Improvise productivity by minimizing the total number of applications that are used in everyday tasks for the business.
  • Reduce the complexity of managing the contacts list. Manage all contacts by integrating the outlook on one searchable screen.
  • Access past communication messages, calls, faxes and emails within outlook with ease.
Save more by avoiding switching cost
  • No need of opening multiple windows on the desktop. Just make calls directly from outlook with a simple click to dial or can select phone number directly from the contact list.
  • Save time and increase productivity by accessing and reviewing the incoming calls while working on outlook
  • Schedule the meetings using VoIP Office meeting directly from the outlook.
Whisper/Barge - Single directional audio feature for support

Supports your crucial decisions in business and sales using the whisper feature. Once it gets activated, the customer can privately speak to an agent without the customer hearing the discussion with one-directional audio. Both the supervisor and the agent can hear the customer.


The supervisor can silently monitor a call decides to enter the conference bridge, joining the call becomes a full three-way conference call, where all three parties can hear each other.

Toll-Free Phone Number

Business in India that are closely linked with the offices in other countries requires the local business address or LOI that indicates the business line to use the toll-free number. By using the number for reselling or calling purposes will be prohibited. The VoIP Office reserves the right to discontinue the international local number services basing on the country and can revise rates without any notice.

Unlimited call to US and Canada

Low international call rated compared to other competitors


Unlimited call across US and Canada


Stay connected with remote employees

Best Quality Calls

High Definition call quality with all plans

Improvise the Call Queue Feature

The call queues are considered as a Virtual Waiting room which offers the callers to have an option on the phone while they are in waiting for a representative to answer the call. It helps businesses to manage crowded calls with limited staff. Directional prompts can support music on hold and special messages with business information can be an added advantage.

Standardized Call Queue
  • Limit missed calls
  • Reduces the negative effect of a busy signal
  • Provides service at all levels for different customer groups
  • Improves customer service.
VoIP Dashboard

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