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Gone are the days where quality was equated to huge investments- a monopoly of big companies. An astute entrepreneur can have an edge over his competitors through smart planning and excellent communication by going for Hosted VoIP Phone Systems.

Smooth, timely and uninterrupted communication is the basis for a successful business. You do not have to invest a fortune to ensure proper communication between your employees. Today, hosted VoIP phone system has brought quality and cost-effectiveness together- for the benefit of small businesses because the Best VoIP Phone System Providers believe that quality begins on the inside and then it works way out. Thus smart entrepreneurs are moving towards hosted VoIP Phone systems.

Thousands of small businesses choose VoIP Office because it can be customized to suit individual requirements. For quite a few businesses the team members work from different places and they need to keep the other members informed. In certain businesses the business continues after office hours and VoIP comes in handy as it can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops whenever, wherever it is needed. Thus VoIP for small businesses provides a single platform for reliable, hassle-free and secure communication.

A Hosted Phone system is also referred to as Virtual Phone Systems, VoIP or SIP Phone Systems, Cloud Phone Systems or Cloud-Based Systems. A hosted solution stores all your phone system data, programming, and features in the ‘cloud' thus there is no need for a cumbersome PBX box that takes up lots of space. The best part is additional features or handsets can be added cost-free without visiting the office. Remote staff can be included in your phone system by just plugging in a handset to any internet connection.

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